“At Gallatin Steel, we will attain and sustain safety excellence in the operation of our facilities…..” The Safety Policy at Gallatin Steel reflects our commitment to safety.

Safety at Gallatin Steel is the top priority of our operation. It is a part of our culture and implemented into every aspect of our daily operations.

“Steel is an industry where if safety isn’t your highest priority, it will show. At Gallatin, safety is our highest priority and is an important part of our culture,” said Tobin Pospisil, President.

Gallatin Steel is proud of its recent accomplishments in safety. Gallatin Steel received the 2013 Steel Manufacturers Achievement in Safety award.

Training is an important component of our safety program. Ongoing safety training classes are conducted from new employee orientation to awareness classes. Currently, all Gallatin Steel associates are attending one of several classes entitled “Safety Awareness.”

Safety Awareness

Gallatin Steel is sincerely committed to safety. In an effort to make Gallatin Steel an even safer place to work, the Gallatin Steel Safety Department is conducting Safety Awareness classes for all employees.

A group of Gallatin Steel employees consisting of the employee involvement committee, safety team leaders, area managers and other volunteers attended the pilot program. Those attending were very excited about what the program had to offer and felt that all Gallatin Steel employees would benefit greatly from it.

The Safety Awareness training is not just another safety meeting for Gallatin Steel employees. We are confident that each employee will change the way they think about safety not only on the job, but also in their personal life. We feel that after attending this safety program, each employee will walk away convinced that safety must be our number one priority.